3D and BIM Coordination & Analysis

When different trades e.g. architects and engineers create their models during a project it is important for them to efficiently communicate and work together. With the help of specific software ITED offers BIM coordination, clash detection & analysis and provides the engineers with easy to understand information about the problem places and probable solutions.

It is best to start coordination when the building design part starts because it allows to work with involved engineers early to find solutions for different problems including clash prevention and room planning.

ITED can also do coordination and analysis after the design phase. The different models are checked for clashes and deficiencies and a report is created.

Coordination and clash detection is performed with Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Bimsight, BIMcollab and other software.

Coordination process and the results

At the foundation of coordination process is BIM or 3D models of different trades. The models are "joined" in specialized programs where analysis is done. The process is done to prevent as much problems as possible which can occur during the building and design process thus allowing to save time and money. The end result of ITED's coordination process is a report which consists of 3 parts:

  1. Merged building geometry model, which contains screenshots from problematic places. The model is interactive and it is possible to make exact measurements and other checks in it.

  2. Report which can contain information about the problematic places - element ID's, coordinates, comments, resolution suggestions etc. Example

  3. If during the coordination the relevant trade documentation is provided then information about the problematic places is added to these files for easier navigation.