BIM Design Assist and Product Marketing Solution, United Kingdom


  • To assist with the development of a digital product library of their physical products.

Scope of work:

  • Precise geometry, dimensions, colour;
  • URL link to online technical manuals
  • Revit connectors for ducts/pipes/electrical systems
  • Transparent service/clearance zones as per technical manuals
  • 2D symbols for plan/elevation views 
  • Parametric manipulation of geometry will be provided if justified by the type of equipment
  • Level of detail to ensure clear visual identification of equipment, front/back/sides.
  • Technical info - electrical parameters, air volumes, heating parameters, noise
  • Marketing textual info - manufacturer, model, contact information, weight, links


  • In total ITED developed  10 (rvt 2016) family files and 26 family types using the technical product manuals as the primary information source.

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