3D & BIM Modelling

Even if you only have an idea, for it's future development visualization can help a lot. Concept, different object, room and building BIM and 3D model creation is one of ITED's main services. Models are created with Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD & other software.

Inventory Modelling 

ITED offers existing  site or building and it's object (architectural & interior, structural, MEP) model creation also called inventory modelling from classical measurement data, 2D drawings, 2D CAD drawings or using laser scans. Existing building model can be used for planning, material takeoff, engineering calculations and other purposes. With the created model it is possible to assess the existing situation which quite often is different from the project documentation. 

Modelling During Design Phase

ITED can create models for trades that don't use BIM during and after the design phase. The models can then be used for coordination and analysis which allows to avoid many problems during construction and maintenance phases and thus save more money and time.

Conceptual Modelling

 Creating concept models allows much earlier to plan buildings, room location, assess material volumes etc.

Object modelling

ITED offers various equipment, furniture and other object 3D & BIM modelling, which later can be used for databases, renderings, advertising etc.